I was fortunate to connect with Fanny over the summer and it’s been the best thing that’s happened for my business. He has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He continues to help me with things months after the website went live. He gets back to me within 24 hours (very hard to find). I will not use anyone else for web design.

Thank you Fanny for all your hard work!
Adam Dukes

I vouch 110% for Fanny’s services. I am working with him and I a very happy with the professional services he provides. He helps me with my offline clients. He knows what he is doing. He gets results and they stay on the first page of Google for local search.

He stands behind his work by providing support even months later, is always quick to respond and sincerely does all he can for your success in your offline endeavors.

Best of luck on the WSO Fanny… .and seriously you should consider raising the price.

Fellow Warriors you will be very happy with this Warrior’s Services and the price is a steal!! If you do offline marketing you know how time consuming all the work this WSO will save you.
David Brunt

Just want to say Fanny has done some work for me and I’m very impressed. To be honest for what was quoted (which was very little), I was a tad cautious but I had absolutely no need to be.
I’ll definately be using him again
Kim Standerline

Fanny is really one in a million. I’ve just had some sites done for me and it was done perfectly.The support is really top notch and is really above and beyond what you really get from people.

Anytime I have similar work to do in the future, I’m checking Fanny first. I wholeheartedly recommend Fanny because of the excellent work and the manner in which it was done.
Kevin Campbelle

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